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We manufacture green pelleted fuels for major and large scale energy users to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels

With the focus on industry to stop the burning of oil, coal, coke and other fossil fuels to generate energy, a viable alternative that makes use of a sustainable energy source needs to be found.

The answer is green pelleted fuel made from solid recycled fuel.

The UK’s first major production plants are under way. Be part of the energy revolution.

Reduce fuel costs
Reduce CO2 emissions
Greener energy production
Lower costs

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Reduced fuel costs

Cement production plants

A significant high-energy usage industry that would benefit from fuel & CO2 reductions as it grows to meet the global demand for building.

Main energy producers

Moving to a more green and sustainable energy source to replace traditional fossil fuels for electricity production where solar and wind cannot be used.

Heavy industry

The demand on all areas of industry drives up the reliance on energy which in turn drives the use of fuel - green pellet fuel can replace that reliance on fossil fuels

Steel industry

Mills, mining, manufacturing plants for cars, aviation and building materials.

CO2 emission reduction

Using green pelleted fuel as a replacement for fossil fuels will reduce both the price of fuel and have a dramatic reduction of CO2 emissions.

This is just the start

A big change starts with just one small action. It’s on us all to both reduce our use of fossil fuels and the production of CO2 emissions.

Green pellet fuel that reuses recycled material is a long-term, viable solution that is ready now.

Get in touch today to see how switching your energy source will change your production costs forever.